A good friend of ours is a physician in the local area who has researched the current situation and sent some videos from additional trusted sources trying to spread truth. Please watch these carefully to make an informed decision. What is interesting is that once these doctors started speaking out against the vaccines, they were targets of massive smear campaigns by governments, universities and big pharma. Please learn as much as you can. In the mean time I will be researching options to override the Genetic Modification caused by the vaccines. Stay tuned.

Dr. Wakefield

Interview with Dr. Gold

Dr. Cahill 


Here is a podcast that talks about vaccines. Make the choice carefully!

At the moment we have a right to choose to take a vaccine or not. According to the guest on this podcast, Greg Glaser, a vaccine rights  attorney, the numbers tell us that those who are vaccinated are at higher risk of chronic disease. He shows the numbers that prove health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders, asthma, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer are elevated in those who were vaccinated. He shares facts about the testing and statistics. Check out his website at:

Other resources:

*Note: We advise people to do their own research and consult with their health professional before deciding about their stance on vaccinations.

Are the Un-Vaccinated Healthier?
Are the Un-Vaccinated Healthier?

Are the Un-Vaccinated Healthier? – The Tamar Yonah Show 🎧


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