Light Therapy

Light, color, infrared light therapies

Color & Light Therapies

Color and Light therapies have been used for centuries to relieve most illness and disease. In our current day, most of us do not spend time in the sun or around the green color of the grass and trees, the blue of the sky or water. Rather these healing elements are not available in our offices or homes and the rate of disease increases.  The science behind these elements is just now emerging.

Color Therapy (Chromotherapy)

Chromotherapy is used to relieve stress, improve skin conditions, calm the nervous system (mind and body), build the immune system, and increase mitochondrial function in the cells. Color light therapy has been used for centuries, however, our modern medicine is just beginning to research this field of healing.

Here is a critical analysis of chromotherapy research

Dr. Mercola’s interview with Alexander Wunsch about his research of Color Therapy

Infrared Therapy

Near infrared therapy helps with detoxing, water utilization and mitochondrial function along with other healing benefits. Far infrared has been successfully used to treat cardiovascular & autoimmune disease,  pain and neuropathy.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Mercola’s interview with Brian Richards

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Military Stress Clinic


Alabama Holistic Health is proud to support our troops. To show our appreciation, we offer free pain and stress relief clinics every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Our free clinic is designed to help with PTSD, PTSS, and any other military related stress issues.

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