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It is important to cleanse our internal organs due to years of exposing our bodies to chemicals in our foods and the environment. Organs that clean the body, liver, kidneys, and colon, as well as the lungs are usually full of toxic waste and provide an opportunity for Candida (Yeast), heavy metals, and parasites to accumulate in the body.

Since the early 1900’s, 80,000 new chemicals have been added to our environment, 20,000 of them are known to be carcinogens. (A list of chemicals to avoid.) These chemicals build up in our body and make us feel sick or even, if left to accumulate, cause disease. We need to learn ways to avoid toxins and cleanse our bodies to help us remain healthy. Of course, avoiding toxins altogether is impossible unless you live in a bubble, it is possible to limit toxins and learn to cleanse regularly to prevent chemical residue from accumulating in our organs, thereby avoiding disease.

Cleansing and Detoxing can be done with acupuncture and massage without the risk of interfering with daily activities or drinking concoctions for several days. Acupuncture detoxification points address the liver, kidneys, lungs (skin), as well as the autonomic system and stress, removing toxins from the organs so that the body can expel them naturally. (An explanation of the acupuncture points.) Massage moves toxins from the cell level so the body can release and eliminate them. Used together, the body can begin to heal and most people notice an improvement in sleep and energy after the first treatment.

Why Organ Cleansing?

Think of the internal cleansing organs (Kidneys, Liver, Gall Bladder and Colon) as a sponge and filter for the blood. When a sponge gets full of water the excess starts to drip out. When the organs are clogged and dirty from toxic overload the excess toxins spills over into the blood stream. Think of these organs as an oil filter on a car. When the oil filter gets clogged and dirty, the oil gets thick sludgy and eventually causes the engine to break down. This is exactly what happens to our blood stream when the filtering organs have never been cleaned. Imagine driving a car for 65 years without changing the oil or filter. This is exactly what we are doing to our body if we don’t routinely cleanse the organs. The blood eventually gets thick, toxic and oxygen deprived.

Thick blood is an epidemic in America. Thick blood is not caused from an aspirin or Coumadin deficiency. Therefore thick blood should not be treated chemically with blood thinners. The true cause of thick blood is clogged cleansing organs. Thick blood causes the heart to pump much harder. When the heart has to pump thick sludgy blood throughout the entire body this raises the blood pressure.

Now the heart has to beat more often thus increasing the pulse. Think of the heart as a machine, any machine that is overloaded will wear out much faster. After years of overload the heart starts to slow down, now blood starts to back up into the lungs causing a condition known as congestive heart failure. This eventually causes water in the lungs and swelling in the ankles. Instead of treating the symptoms of heart disease with blood pressure pills, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics and Coumadin, why don’t we address the root cause of the problem; weakened clogged internal cleansing organs that have never been cleansed?

By the way, taking 1 aspirin a day to thin the blood and prevent heart disease is no longer recommended by competent medical doctors. They have discovered the fact that this aspirin therapy is actually causing heart disease. Most of the research conducted on aspirin therapy was performed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. No wonder why they are recommending 1 aspirin a day. This is like a fox guarding the hen house.

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