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Feeling Sick and Tired?

Fix it NOW, naturally!

Fatigue, Foggy thinking, Hormone imbalance, Auto-immune


Welcome to Alabama Holistic Health

Consulting, Counseling & HEALTH COACHING

Spend quality time discussing your health concerns and receive the attention you deserve to reach your health goals! Health consulting, counseling, and coaching to help you on your journey to health.

NeuroElectric, Light, & Water THERAPIES

Neuroelectric Therapies, including Auriculotherapy, PureWave Therapy and ChromoTherapy, provide non-invasive ways to help the body heal from many health concerns including chronic pain, traumatic memories, stress relief, auto-immune, hormone imbalance, migraine headaches, and more!


We conduct a variety of assessments and labs to discover and confirm underlying health concerns using state of the art equipment and lab tests. Labs available to you include blood serum, urine, fecal and hair analyses to discover the cause of your concerns.

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