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Spend quality time discussing your health concerns and receive the attention you deserve to reach your health goals! Health consulting and coaching to help you on your journey to health.

Several Therapies

NeuroElectric, Light, & Water


Neuroelectric Therapies, including Auriculotherapy, PureWave Therapy and ChromoTherapy, provide non-invasive ways to help the body heal from many health concerns including chronic pain, traumatic memories, stress relief, auto-immune, hormone imbalance, migraine headaches, and more!



We conduct a variety of assessments and labs to discover and confirm underlying health concerns using state of the art equipment and lab tests. Labs available to you include blood serum, urine, fecal and hair analyses to discover the cause of your concerns.

How we can help YOU!


Christie Berry, EdD is dedicated to providing her clients with the best possible care. At Alabama Holistic Health we are focused on helping you with individual and tailored wellness plans.

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I have been coming to Alabama Holistic Health for a few months now to handle my stress. Being a business owner there is a lot on my plate! I could not have handled it without Christina! I would recommend Alabama Holistic Health to everyone I know and as a matter of fact, I have and they come in, too.

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Although our goal is to help your body absorb nutrients through food, sometimes it is necessary to use supplements during your transition to better health. We are very concerned with the quality of supplements that you take. To ensure you have access to the best quality supplements we provide online ordering through these companies. A code is required to order from these companies which you will receive when we recommend a product for you to use.

Fullscript Supplements

Need health supplements? Visit Fullscript

Metagenics Supplements

Need health supplements? Visit Metagenics

EarSeeds Products

Need EarSeeds Products? Visit EarSeeds


Read our latest news from the company or general medical news. Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.

July 4, 2019

 These treats are very filling, and healthy, too! Great to take along with you for a quick burst of energy and to fight a sugar craving. But, more important, are the health benefits! They contain ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to calm the digestive system (great for those on an auto-immune […]

June 27, 2019

 Great for a snack or dessert, these simple, healthy blondies could be just what you need for your lifestyle change! (Do not use if you are on the candida diet due to the honey.) Ingredients 2 cups of nut butter (can be pecan, almond or your choice) 1 cup of honey (use raw, local honey) […]

June 20, 2019

Kombucha Part 4 Before we get to the last video – I wanted to share the recipe with you so you can have it in writing. I am also sharing a tips and tricks video that we have learned over the years to help you with your kombucha making! Kombucha Recipe 1 gallon of water […]


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Military Stress Clinic


Alabama Holistic Health is proud to support our troops. To show our appreciation, we offer free pain and stress relief clinics every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Our free clinic is designed to help with PTSD, PTSS, and any other military related stress issues.

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