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Feeling Stressed? Tame that stress with a Happy Hour Treatment! Happy Hour is a five point protocol that helps decrease toxins and stress and increases beta endorphins and other brain chemicals that help improve positive emotions and mental balance. The points are outlined below.


(Autonomic Nervous System)

This point balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and relieves stress in the autonomic nervous system (Fight or Flight). It has a strong analgesic (pain relieving) and relaxing effect on internal organs and dilates blood vessels.

Relieves: anxiety
Increases: calmness


(Spirit Gate or Heaven’s Gate)

This point relieves anxiety, controls nervousness, has a general relaxing and calming effect. It also helps the process of going within oneself, supporting the internal journey of health and wellness bringing the “Spirit Heart” or Heart Energetic into balance for the Conscious Self.

Relieves: impatience, mood swings, cruelty
Increases: joy, calmness, sense of honor


(Essential Energy – Yin/Yang source)

The Kidney point is associated with growth, development, reproduction and aging. This point removes toxicity in the Kidneys from chemical use, purifies the blood, and strengthens the nervous system. It is the source of Yin and Yang, calming fears and removing insecurities.

Relieves: fear, paranoia, anguish
Increases: awareness, gentleness, will power


(Emotional Balance – Rules the flow of Qi/Chi)

The liver point is associated with resolving anger and aggression. It works in conjunction with the Kidney to remove toxins from the blood. Treatment to this point balances life energy, emotions, relaxation, and confidence. It also stabilizes impulsive behavior and mood swings.

Relieves: anger, rage, depression
Increases: kindness, balance


(Life Force Balance – Rules Qi/Chi)

This point boosts the immune system, protecting the body from dis-ease, respiration and skin function and promotes physical balance. The Lung is associated with grieving and letting go, helping emotional expression – especially sadness. It also promotes relaxation. The Lung is a nourishing organ involved in the balance of the life force.

Relieves: grief, sadness
Increases: courage, righteousness