Invisible Illness: When Doctors say there is “Nothing Wrong”

Why Invisible – What are they missing?

Western Medicine looks for visible damage and measurable issues. Thus, discovering an illness before it becomes measurable is not within the realm of mainstream medicine. Your physician might say you are healthy by taking standard tests, but leave you still feeling less than standard while a mysterious issue continues without being resolved.

So, you just don’t feel good. You’ve had every test the doctors can perform and they have found nothing! You’ve gone to specialists, had every scan imaginable, given up urine and blood, yet everything is “normal”. By now, the docs give you an anti-depressant medication and tell you to see a shrink!

Many times signs and symptoms do not become observable by conventional medicine until they cause damage. In order for them to find a diagnosis that damage must be available to measure. In other words, you are not sick until you are visibly sick!

In energy medicine, we can gain further insight into your health by observing subtle changes in the electromagnetic energy of the body. When western medicine fails, energy work becomes the only answer for many. In our practice we have seen this first hand.

Here is one of many testimonies that show, thinking outside-the-box is the best way for you to regain your health.

It is my belief that our health system has chosen to be selective and only see what they want to see (or only see what they have a pill to fix). This phenomenon was identified by Nobel prize-winning researchers, Drs. Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris in 1999, when they coined the phrase “perceptual blindness” – failure to notice something significant and obvious. 

Here is an example of selective attention or perceptual blindness – take a minute to watch

The Gorilla in the Room

Did you see the gorilla? Most people don’t see it. Most doctors won’t see it either, especially those invisible ones in the body, because they are focusing on a specific thing and not looking at the whole person! They use standard methods of investigation and get the same information without looking further. They expect to find what they will find in their conventional tests and diagnostic tools and don’t look outside-the-box. Simon and Chabris even explain that experts are more prone to selective attention than those with less experience because they have predetermined expectations based on their experiences. They are not able to see the gorilla even when it beats its chest and tries to get their attention.

Let’s look at this from another direction, if you want to learn to identify a counterfeit $20 bill, you spend your time looking at real $20 bills. This is not how doctors learn. They spend their time looking at sick people rather than healthy ones. So, they don’t actually know what healthy looks like because they have spent their time looking at different counterfeits rather than the real deal. They simply do not look for every possible situation that the body reveals only the things they have experienced, which is sickness. This is why integrative medicine is so important. 

Integrative medicine looks at a person as a whole. We look for things others did not see or didn’t know to look for. We look for the gorillas! We look for subclinical illness (illness that still doesn’t show up on a conventional test). Most people come to our office as a last resort, when conventional medicine has failed! Subclinical illness goes mostly undetected by modern medicine because it doesn’t show up in standardized medical tests. However, most health issues begin in this unseen area way before they can be measured by western medical tests. We all carry subclinical forms of viruses and cancer cells, bacteria and parasites, but we live unaware of any symptoms. They can spread through households and populations without consideration from the medical world and are usually ignored. 

Many people are suffering from symptoms that are not connected clinically to infections and parasites. Many aches and pains are caused by an overgrowth of microorganisms in the body that doctors won’t even look at. The “gorilla” is there, but no one is paying attention. They throw antibiotics, pain killers, anti-inflammatories and never really find the underlying cause. Research is spent on finding new illnesses and creating new drugs rather than identifying underlying causes and providing education and treatments that improve those causes.

What happened to finding the cause?

There are medical journals and whole libraries filled with the discussion of microorganisms as the cause for most health conditions. For example, Lyme disease can cause arthritis and mental health issues, but according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), most people have a strong enough immune system to keep the virus at bay, so symptoms are not identified. Also, according to the CDC, the Epstein-Barr virus is strongly associated with cancer, yet they concur that the virus is worldwide and most people become infected sometime during their lives. They treat the information like it is not important. These are just a few subclinical infections that are not often considered when viewing dis-ease. Even the word subclinical can be interpreted as not having an actual health concern because the diagnostic tests can’t find or reveal them.

Most people suffer from mild issues that are “too mild” to be diagnosed or classified as a medical concern. Rather, blood tests give a range of “healthy” that identifies 95% of the population. Honestly, are 95% of the population of the United States “healthy” or are they just sub-clinically ill? Most of us suffer indefinitely with subclinical illness until it finally contributes to something clinically significant, like auto-immune disease or cancer! 


We assume that each patient comes to our clinic with some subclinical infection, chemical toxicity or imbalance, structural issues or other factors that are partly responsible for their list of symptoms. We use bio-energetic feedback to find suggestions of subclinical issues. We look for invisible gorillas that western medicine doesn’t look for. We treat those invisible gorillas using neuro-biofeedback and energy field therapies that improve the immune system and fight the overgrowth of microorganisms that create the issues. It is my privilege and honor to help you get well naturally regardless of western medicine’s denial of the existence of many health issues.



If you have a yeast overgrowth you are at risk of several serious health conditions. Here are the top 15 symptoms of candida and risks of a systemic candida infection.

Check out recipes for your candida diet 

Liver Candida Cycle

As yeast growth increases in the body, it begins to effect liver function. The liver is responsible for maintaining the immune system. If liver function is compromised, our body’s immune system is compromised. When the immune system is not working well, it cannot fight against the candida. The yeast grows stronger and the liver function is further decreased creating a vicious cycle.

Check out recipes for your candida diet 

 Get Rid of Candida Once and For all!

Candida is not easy to overcome.

To begin the process here are a few starter tips:

  1. Drink 1-2 tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with the mother, in 2 ounces of water before each meal. This increases the Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) to begin the digestive process. As we age our stomach slows HCL production and causes heartburn, reflux and many other symptoms that doctors see as too much acid.
  2. Avoid all processed foods, vinegar based foods (except the Bragg’s ACV), and Sugar for 3-4 months
  3. Read the Label!
  4. Keep sugar per serving below 9mg
  5. Only eat the serving size. If you need to eat more, eat from the unlimited vegetables list below until you are full.
  6. Drink 50% of your weight in filtered water daily

Using the following chart you can change how you eat to begin the process of ridding your body of yeast.

The percentages show the amount of sugar conversion from the food. It is best to stay in the green or yellow columns as much as possible. Limit the orange and red columns to 1-2 times each week. Follow the portions recommended for each item. (I would avoid orange and red columns for the first 3-4 weeks if you can.)

Check out recipes for your candida diet 

Finally, watch your tongue!

Evidence of Systemic Candida on the Tongue:

A thick white or yellow coating at the mid to back of tongue may indicate a systemic (whole body) overgrowth of yeast. (The white coating may only be at the back or may be patchy.) As you continue to follow the diet, the thick coating will begin to disappear.





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