Chinese medicine uses several micro-systems to diagnose. We use the ears’ electro-reactivity to measure issues in the body. Another diagnosis tool is looking at the face. Blemishes, discolorations, pain, and skin spots can show areas of health concern in the organs and systems. Some of the skin changes may be normal for the individual, or they may be a sign of some turmoil in the body.


The lungs are one of the most active organs in the body, breathing 20,000 times each day. Lungs are part of the system that provides needed oxygen to the body and removes carbon dioxide, the waste gases that our body creates during the energy-making processes. Our lungs are very important, although we can go long periods of time without food and even a fairly long time without water, we cannot live for long without oxygen.

Military Stress Clinic


Alabama Holistic Health is proud to support our troops. To show our appreciation, we offer free pain and stress relief clinics every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Our free clinic is designed to help with PTSD, PTSS, and any other military related stress issues.

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