February 26, 2016 by Christie

The liver is the largest solid organ in your body. It performs more jobs than any other organ in the body. It creates glucose, the body’s only chemical that gives us pure energy. It creates digestive fluids needed to digest foods. The liver creates hormones, cholesterol, breaks down fat, kills bacteria and viruses; synthesizes protein and stores immune cells, iron, and vitamins A, B-12, D, E, K, and much more.

It’s the liver’s job to convert carbohydrates that we eat into glucose. When we need energy anytime throughout the day or night, the liver releases this stored glucose, giving you an energy boost. Keeping your liver healthy and clean simply helps you have all the energy you need, whenever you need it!

When the liver is clean and healthy it contains millions of immune cells. These cells are the backup system to your liver’s detoxification ability, killing and eating bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites and any harmful toxins, poisons, or chemicals in the body.

“Your liver is the ultimate detoxification organ in your body. Most of the food you consume is dusted, dipped, sprayed, mixed, colored, flavored and preserved with thousands of different toxic chemicals and then packaged in toxic containers. Imagine what’s in the water you drink and the air you breathe.” – Dr. Richard Schulze.

Everything we eat and drink is digested and travels from your intestines to your liver first. The liver then produces enzymes and other chemicals that neutralize all the harmful and toxic substances in your food, water, and air before entering your bloodstream.

Another function of the liver is to eliminate poisons from our blood that are accumulated through the foods we eat, the water we drink, supplements or medications we take, and the air we breathe. These poisons get into our bloodstream, kill our cells, create tumors, cause cancer, and ultimately cause death.

It doesn’t matter how healthy you think your eating habits are. If you live on this planet, if you’re a human being who eats, drinks, and breathes, your liver has been attacked, damaged, and compromised. Your best option is to obtain and maintain a strong and healthy liver is by cleansing it regularly.


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