Face Diagnosis

October 30, 2016 by Christie

Your face says more about you than you may think! Face diagnosis helps identify where internal issues are hiding. Amazingly health issues show up on your face before they become symptomatic. Chinese medicine uses several micro-systems to diagnose. We use the ears’ electro-reactivity to measure issues in the body. Another diagnosis tool is looking at the face. Blemishes, discolorations, pain, and skin spots can show areas of health concern in the organs and systems. Some of the skin changes may be normal for the individual, or they may be a sign of some turmoil in the body.

Chinese face diagnosis
Face diagnosis

Let’s take a look at the map and skin conditions you might find:

Small Intestines (Intestines)

Skin Conditions: acne, pustules, redness, irritation, swelling, heavy creases

Cause: constipation, digestion issues

Liver (Liv, Liver)

Skin Conditions: flaking, furrow, irritation, puffiness, itchy, spots, lines, headaches, jaw tension, gall bladder issues

Cause: toxemia, alcohol, anger

Kidneys (Kid, Kidney)

Skin Conditions: dark circles, bags, swollen, puffiness, saggy appearance

Cause: Bladder, adrenals, stress, poor sleep, too much caffeine or rich foods


Skin Conditions: Blemishes, flaking, irritation, milia, acne

Cause: slow/improper digestion, stomach acid, candida


Skin Conditions: Sagging skin, congestion, blotches

Cause: poor oxygen

Large Intestine (colon)

Skin Conditions: Flaking, irritation, furrows, acne, pustules

Cause: Sluggish bowel, slow transit time

Chin (Kidney, bladder)

Skin Conditions: acne, pustules, congestion, flaking

Cause: Toxemia, slow digestion, hormone imbalance


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