Lymphatic System

Our lymphatic system helps to move toxins out of the body. Our sweat glands usually move the toxins from the lymph system. There are lymph nodes through out the body but the majority of the nodes are located under the arm and in the breast area.

Lymphatic System
Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system does not have its own pump like the cardiovascular system or respiratory system. Lymph fluid is moved through the various nodes and the spleen (the lymph filter) through movement. The best movement is up and down movement as with running or bouncing. Unfortunately, not everyone can run or bounce. For those with differing abilities we suggest a whole body vibration machine.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Whole Body Vibration therapy has been shown to be safe and effective for a wide variety of conditions including lymphatic cleansing. The therapy lasts 10 minutes and is best done 3 times each week. The therapy moves lymph through the system including the through the spleen. The spleen is the filter for the lymph system. The vibration therapy also produces muscle contractions that increase muscle strength and flexibility, and reduces pain. Studies show whole body vibration therapyis beneficial for:

Lymphatic Cleanse
Low muscle tone
Weight loss
Low back pain
Myofascial Pain syndrome
Bariatric surgery recovery
Pregnancy recuperation
Multiple Sclerosis
COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
Increased metabolism and VO2, which is a measure of cardiovascular fitness
Vibrational Therapy is available to use by all of our regular patients.



If you have a yeast overgrowth you are at risk of several serious health conditions. Here are the top 15 symptoms of candida and risks of a systemic candida infection.

Check out recipes for your candida diet 

Liver Candida Cycle

As yeast growth increases in the body, it begins to effect liver function. The liver is responsible for maintaining the immune system. If liver function is compromised, our body’s immune system is compromised. When the immune system is not working well, it cannot fight against the candida. The yeast grows stronger and the liver function is further decreased creating a vicious cycle.

Check out recipes for your candida diet 

 Get Rid of Candida Once and For all!

Candida is not easy to overcome.

To begin the process here are a few starter tips:

  1. Drink 1-2 tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with the mother, in 2 ounces of water before each meal. This increases the Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) to begin the digestive process. As we age our stomach slows HCL production and causes heartburn, reflux and many other symptoms that doctors see as too much acid.
  2. Avoid all processed foods, vinegar based foods (except the Bragg’s ACV), and Sugar for 3-4 months
  3. Read the Label!
  4. Keep sugar per serving below 9mg
  5. Only eat the serving size. If you need to eat more, eat from the unlimited vegetables list below until you are full.
  6. Drink 50% of your weight in filtered water daily

Using the following chart you can change how you eat to begin the process of ridding your body of yeast.

The percentages show the amount of sugar conversion from the food. It is best to stay in the green or yellow columns as much as possible. Limit the orange and red columns to 1-2 times each week. Follow the portions recommended for each item. (I would avoid orange and red columns for the first 3-4 weeks if you can.)

Check out recipes for your candida diet 

Finally, watch your tongue!

Evidence of Systemic Candida on the Tongue:

A thick white or yellow coating at the mid to back of tongue may indicate a systemic (whole body) overgrowth of yeast. (The white coating may only be at the back or may be patchy.) As you continue to follow the diet, the thick coating will begin to disappear.






Kombucha is made from sweetened tea (usually black tea, but sometime green tea as well) fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. The result is a restorative elixir that has cancer fighting properties, and improves arthritis and other degenerative diseases. It is rich in vitamins and other nutrients such as Vitamin B, Glutamic acids and antioxidants along with many therapeutic benefits.

Military Stress Clinic


Alabama Holistic Health is proud to support our troops. To show our appreciation, we offer free pain and stress relief clinics every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Our free clinic is designed to help with PTSD, PTSS, and any other military related stress issues.

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